Hello, I am David Hübler

UX Strategist, Interaction Designer, Husband, and Father

I currently design enterprise software and develop strategic UX processes at Avetta. I previously spent time doing the same for DealerSocket. I've also been a Pragmatic Marketing certified Product Manager for the folks behind MotorTrend and Automobile Magazine. In the past, I've been an architectural designer, landscape designer, and at one time, a courier driver.

When I'm not helping companies improve user experience and product development, I'm hanging out with my family, sewing bags and backpacks, working on my Coffee Roasting App, or playing music. Occassionally I write about design and other things. I also like taking pictures.

I'm passionate about human-centered design and I believe in empathy. It carries through my work and my personal relationships. I believe in working to live, not living to work. We're able to achieve our best when we're balanced. These philosophies have helped me foster healthy cultures within the teams I've worked with.

Interested in working with me? Email me. You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or... if you're into it... LinkedIn. Résumé and portfolio upon request.

David Hubler - UX Strategist, Interaction Designer